Born in Tel Aviv in 1954, I have always been interested in art. Married to my husband Baruch, I am a mother of five children, and a proud grandmother. I find great joy in sculpting and designing jewelry. I have also written and published a cookbook in Hebrew – Generation to Generation – the Tastes of Tradition. In this book, not yet translated to English, you can find the best of Bukharan Jewish cuisine.

I began sculpting in 1995, after studying at the Amamit University, and later at Beit Halochem, a veterans center in Tel Aviv. Since 1998 I have been sculpting in sculptress Rivkah Frimerman’s studio and my sculptures have been displayed in several group exhibitions. In 2004, upon turning 50, my sculptures and jewelry were displayed in a solo exhibition at the Scotch House in Jaffa.
In my sculptures I wish to express different aspects of my own personal life. I feel as though I am moving from one world to the other, from the sacred to the profane and back. Among my works are Judaica sculptures which I created after being influenced by the Jewish tradition and my Jewish background. Others are completely different, and include figurative sculptures of women in movement. Some 4 years now, the main theme in my works has been the pomegranate fruit, one of the Seven Species, where I express all that the pomegranate symbolizes: sacredness, good deeds, abundance, fertility, and more.
The sculptures are made of bronze, stone and polyester. Several of my works, such as the Seven Species’ wall embossment and other works in which I combined mosaic stone pieces, I molded by myself in the studio.

Jewelry Design
I studies jewelry design in a workshop led by jewelry designer Ronit Kadishay.
I love to design jewelry that has a presence and is full of grandeur, I think of each and every piece of jewelry as a unique ornament – a work of art that bestows a special impression upon the woman wearing it. I use different materials in my work, including silver, gold, gemstones, silver threads, copper, and silk threads. I design jewelry in modern style as well, such as lattice jewelry made from sterling silver threads, and gold and silver jewelry inlaid with gemstones.
My works are characterized by several styles. In some of my works, I was inspired by traditional Bukharan jewelry, such as the Tapish pendant, hammered bracelets, turquoise stones, and others.Sculpting and designing jewelry gives me great satisfaction and allows me to express my ideas of beauty, imagination, and creativity.